Boys Age - "The Odyssey" Best Of Cassette

Image of Boys Age - "The Odyssey" Best Of Cassette


If you don't know Boys Age yet out of Saitama, Japan then consider yourself lucky you are reading this right now. This self-described "uncommon pop" cassette release culls their choicest tracks from their previous 5 albums out on Lolipop, Gnar, Burger, Plastic Response, and Bleeding Gold into one amazing collection of lo-fi pop gems. Boys Age is one our our favorite up and coming bands and we couldn't be more stoked to be releasing this. Each tape comes with a download code for ALL FIVE OF THEIR PREVIOUS ALBUMS. Yeah you heard that right. Limited Edition of 100 hand painted, hand numbered cassette tapes.

1. The Wish Is Father To The Thought
2. I Wish For God's Sake
3. God WIll Test You Through The PC Screen
4. In The Doldrums
5. Jealous Of The Devil
6. Grotesque (Dear Mutual Surveillance Society)
7. Postcards Holiday
8. Same As You
9. Hail Me
10. The Harvester
11. Skyrim
12. Fake Gold Pt. 1

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